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      Chongqing Ziyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., was established in 1984, which has gradually grown to a well-known private enterprise with 9 subsidiary companies, namely, Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (a national A-level enterprise having passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality Certification), Ziyuan Advertisement Co., Ltd., Ziyuan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Yutu Decoration Design Co., Ltd., Ziyuan Property Management Co., Ltd., Ziyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Ziyuan Gardening Engineering Co., Ltd., Ziyuan Urban Planning and Design Co., Ltd., and Fanyun Culture Media Co., Ltd. from a simple art company.
      The company is located in Chongqing, a municipality directly under the central government of China. It is a comprehensive and diversified group company integrating real estate development, indoor and outdoor decoration, design, construction, gardening and landscaping art design, construction, advertising planning and creative design, media release, property service, construction, etc. Under the broad environment of the Chinese construction times, Ziyuan Group undertakes the mission of “providing top living products and service to the society”, advocates the company spirit of “honesty, perfection, aesthetics and morality”, and strives to act as a responsible city builder and planner. It has successfully developed several high-quality residential communities, super high-rise 5A Grade-A office buildings, fashionable large urban complexes, and a series of high-quality projects, which have achieved good economic benefits and social effects. In terms of decoration design, gardening design, planning and design, the company has taken design as the lead, constantly enriched cultural and artistic connotation from every design detail, and successfully completed design and construction of a number of large-scale government projects and cultural art buildings and squares, having significantly enhanced the urban quality and landscaping and created a leading enterprise image with excellent public reputation. As a leader in the advertisement industry and the most influential advertisement enterprise in the region, the company has the most advanced advertising equipment and the most complete outdoor media in western Chongqing, and owns a media market share of over 70% in the region.
      Adhering to the operation principle of “striving for development with the modern enterprise management mode, striving for innovation with the private enterprise, and striving for benefits with high-quality service”, Ziyuan Group has constantly made its core business larger and stronger, and finally realized a healthy trend with joint development of the enterprise benefits, customers’ requirements and the staff’s value. Taking talents as the core capital of the enterprise, the company always positions talents as strategic resources for its development, tries to achieve the ideal of maximizing the staff’s value and has created a group of talent teams good at learning with clear level and scientific labor division. Since honesty is one of the largest invisible assets of an enterprise, we will base corporate foundation and prosper businesses on honesty. The company is confirmedly moving towards the target of an enterprise enjoying social respect.
      Adhering to the principles of getting refined internally and externally and striving for excellence, the group company has successively been awarded the following honorary titles: a “Top 50 Private Enterprise in Chongqing in 2000” and a “Chongqing Excellent Private Enterprise” by CPC Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Government, a “Bright Star”, an “Enterprise Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Good Faith in Chongqing”, a “2001-2002’ Integrity Private Enterprise”, a “2003-2004’ Enterprise Exempted from Annual Inspection”, a “Chongqing Well-known Enterprise”, and a “2006-2008’ Integrity Brand Enterprise” by Chongqing Municipal Propaganda Department, Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau, and Chongqing Private Enterprises Association; an “Advanced Unit in 2009” by Chongqing Survey Office of National Bureau of Statistics, an “Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution” by Chongqing Real Estate Expo for many times, a “2006-2013’ Credit Brand Enterprise of Chongqing Real Estate Development Industry”, a “2014’ Chongqing Real Estate Development Brand Enterprise”, a “2014’ Excellent Real Estate Development Demonstration Enterprise of Chongqing” by Chongqing Real Estate Development Association, and etc.
      Adhering to the principles of making classic works with art, letting classic works invigorate Ziyuan, the group has realized greater added values of its products based on its excellent design. Looking into the future, the company will adhere to the idea of diversified and professional brand development, so as to become a leading enterprise with good social reputation and lofty enterprise mission.

Corporate Culture

Interpretation Of "ZIYUAN"

I. The company name “Ziyuan”: “Zi” refers to the color of art, for “Zi(Purple)”symbolizes nobility, romance, happiness, innocence, softness, elegance, solemnity, magic and luckiness. As a color with emotions, it is cool in warm colors and warm in cool colors, and signifies harmony from up to down. “Yuan” means exotic flowers in the garden of art. It stands for unlimited development of art. “Ziyuan” together means nobility and solemnity, representing art-based development and carrying a sense of romance. It is proud of “Ziyuan” people and strives to build a team tinged with romance and harmony.

II. “Ziyuan” logo is shaped as an oval, composed of “zi” and “yuan”. The symbol indicates Ziyuan’s vision— the world, the development philosophy of the company, “go beyond ourselves to create a limitless future”, and it also represents the infinite development of the company.
1. The logo is in red and white, with well-defined in structure and showing great enthusiasm. It makes one feel energetic, refreshing and natural.
2. The star in the upper part of the logo is like crimson star twinkling in the sky, symbolizing luckiness and shining development of “Ziyuan”.
3. As the first letter of the word “Zi”, “Z” in the logo represents lucky cloud in the sky.
4. “Y” is the first letter of the word “Yuan”. Together with “Z”, it constitutes lucky cloud and the orbit of the star, creating an image of space travelling.

III. The color band, two purple and grey bands, carries a connotation of steadiness but not flashiness, solemnity, elegance and inspiration. The two bands; one is bigger and the other is smaller, symbolize the company and its employees constituting a team and supporting each other.

IV. The character of “Ziyuan” in transformed variety font expresses a direct and modern feeling. Its rectangular and circular shape, neither obsequious nor arrogant, neither too tight nor too loose, conveys “Ziyuan”’s steadiness, connotation, quality, generosity, unity, propriety and accomplishment.

Ziyuan People
Calligraphy Works
Photography Works

Organizational Structure



2016.1——The 220m-tall 5A Grade A office building of the Pauline’s World City, the tallest building in western Chongqing and a landmark of Tongliang District was fully capped.
2016 ——In 2016, the first overseas real estate project of the Company, Jeju Ocean Hill, was generally commenced.
2016.6——In June 2016, the real estate company was awarded the “Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Level Certificate” by the China Real Estate Association.
2016.6——In June 2016, the CPC Ziyuan Group Branch was granted the title of “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”.
2016.12——In December 2016, “Ziyuan” was recognized as a renowned trademark by Chongqing Administration for Industry & Commerce.

2015 ——In 2015, the Company launched its first overseas real estate project.
2015.6——In June 2015, the CPC Chongqing Ziyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. Branch was granted the title of “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” by the CPC Bachuan Sub-district Working Committee.
2015.10——In October 2015, Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was granted the title of “Influential Real Estate Development Enterprise in Chongqing in 2015”.
2015.12——In December 2015, Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was granted the title of “Trustworthy Brand Enterprise in the Real Estate Development Industry of Chongqing in 2014-2015” by Chongqing Real Estate Development Association, and it was also the 8th time the Company was entitled to the honor.

2014.2——“Chongqing Yutu Decoration Design Co., Ltd.” was established.
2014.3——Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of a “Chongqing Excellent and Demonstration Real Estate Development Enterprise in 2014”.
2014.3——Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of a “Chongqing Real Estate Development Brand Enterprise in 2014” by Chongqing Real Estate Development Association.
2014.5——Chongqing Jiulongpo District “Ziyuan · COSMO Times” Real Estate Project was commenced.
2014.7——The painting, Hopeful Dragon by Mr. Du Jingang, was selected by the Fifth Chongqing Art Exhibition and the Exhibition of Submitted Chongqing Works for the Twelfth National Art Exhibition.
2014.7——the first landmark urban complex “Pauline's World City” Project of Tongliang District, Chongqing was commenced.

2013.1——“Chongqing Fanyun Culture Media Co., Ltd.” was established.
2013.12——Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “2007-2013’ Credit Brand Enterprise of Chongqing Real Estate Development Industry” by Chongqing Real Estate Development Association.

2012.6——The Company was titled as an “Outstanding Private Enterprise in Chongqing City” by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government.
2012.8——Sichuan Nanhong “Ziyuan·Fontainebleau” Real Estate Project was commenced.
2012.12——Chongqing Ziyuan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of an “Advanced Enterprise” by Chongqing Building Decoration Association.

2011.2—— Ziyuan Property Management Company was awarded “Excellent Enterprise” jointly by Chongqing Land and Resources and Housing Management Bureau and Property Management Association.
2011.6——Mr. Du Jingang was awarded the title of an “Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Tongliang County” jointly by CPC Tongliang County Committee and the People’s Government of Tongliang County.

2010.3——Sichuan Nanchong Sangzi Culture Plaza was commenced.
2010.5——“Chongqing Ziyuan Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.” was established.
2010.10——The painting, Ode to the Yellow River by Mr. Du Jingang, was awarded the silver medal in the “National Painting Masters Invitation Competition in Celebration of the 115th Anniversary of Xu Beihong’s Birth”.

2009.9——Xiangru Cultural Park in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province was commenced.

2005.5——Sichuan Nanchong “Ziyuan •Sunshine Living Quarters” Real Estate Project was commenced.

2002.10—— Chongqing Hechaun “Ziyuan •Tri-river Pearl” Real Estate Project was commenced.
2002.12——Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. passed “ISO9001, 2000 Quality System Certification by China Quality Certification Center.

2001.12——“Chongqing Ziyuan Property Management Co., Ltd.” was established.

2000.4——“Chongqing Ziyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.” was established.
2000.5——“Chongqing Ziyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.” was established.
2000.9——“Chongqing Ziyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.” was established.
2000.9——Chongqing Tongliang “Zijin Garden” Real Estate Project was commenced.

1984.11——“Tongliang Art and Craft Company” was established.
1992.2——Tongliang Art and Craft Company was upgraded into “Tongliang Ziyuan Decoration Engineering Company”.
1996.3——“Chongqing Ziyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established.
1998.3—— “Chongqing Ziyuan Advertisement Co., Ltd.” was established.


Party Construction



CPC Ziyuan Group Branch’s Education Activity Themed with “Insisting on Our Original Will and Inheriting Revolutionary Culture”



Chongqing Municipal Association of Industry and Commerce Visiting the Group Company



Mobilization Meeting of the CPC Ziyuan Group Branch to Deeply Carry out the Study Activity of “Learning to Talk, Finding the Gap, Identifying the Direction, and Focusing on Rectification and Reform”



Outward Bound Activity of the CPC Ziyuan Group Branch, Youth League Branch and Labor Union



Educational Activity Themed on “Inheriting Revolutionary Tradition” of the CPC Committee, Youth League Branch and Labor Union of Ziyuan Group



Second-stage Collective Learning of “Two Learns and One Do” Organized by the CPC Committee of Ziyuan Group

Social Responsibility

Since the establishment, the company has been undertaking the social responsibility of an enterprise. It has been active in implementing positive sunshine projects, subsidizing poor college students to realize college education dream, and conveying greetings to teachers, lonely elderly people, and workers with difficulties; it has also participated in and supported fights against droughts, earthquakes, floods and other public welfare undertakings. According to incomplete statistics, the company has accumulatively donated over CNY5 million in recent years.

Donation for enhancement of aquatic animals in the mother river of Tongliang District

Participating in the “Chinese · Dream Flying” education donation activity in Tongliang District

Participating in sales for donation

Voluntary cleaning of the mother river by the employees

Greeting the senior in gerocomium

Donation for earthquake relief

Donation for construction of roads in the hometown

Donation for draught relief in Peng’an County

Internal Journal

President Online

President Online<

     Ziyuan was born in an ever-changing market. From the initial stage after its establishment in 1984 to realization of group operation, Ziyuan Group has gained fast development into a private enterprise widely known in Chongqing. Through hardships on the way of development, we have been fully dedicated and devoted to the business. In retrospect to achievements we have made, we feel gratified and grateful to all social sectors for their great support and selfless care. Our thanks also go to those Ziyuan people working cautiously and conscientiously on different positions.   

    Small success cannot be achieved without great wisdom; big success cannot be achieved without morality; constant success cannot be achieved without credibility. Being honest and credible is our principle.  

  “As the road extends far, our development goes further”. On the way of development, Ziyuan Group has been constantly persisting in the principle of being honest and credible. Throughout the over three decades’ history, Ziyuan people have never forgotten the initial determination, while using the code of ethics to measure their occupational belief and defending their credibility to partners with their high sense of responsibility to the course. On the way of being honest, we will continue our persistence. We shall exhibit our hard-won achievements based on the corporate spirit of “honesty, refinement, virtue and morality”, continue persistence in our belief in conquering difficulties and look forward to our more prosperous future.

    Art makes fine works that prosper Ziyuan. The leading role of design is our constant persistence.

    Art and design are the soul of Ziyuan Group’s development, as well as the magic instruments for winning in the market. In the past years, one after another refined design works has exposed the professional influence and comprehensive strength of Ziyuan Group to the world people, while the perfect works have also reflected Ziyuan’s development philosophy, “to exhibit space with individual characteristics through art recreation and to jointly create a limitless Ziyuan through self transcendence”. “While development is limitless, the developer shall prove its worth.” Ziyuan Group has been continuing its efforts on the way of art; it will devote all its wisdom to inspiration of fine works, use innovative works to support the development of the enterprise, and turn trust and support from customers into the our driving source.

    The operational idea of “rigorousness, refinement, extensiveness and farness” is the foundation of the company’s development, as well as the guarantee for us to strengthen the foundation and maintain sustainable development. In future, Ziyuan will join hands with partners from all over the world to create win-win cooperation, and will lead every employee in observing the following:

                                     Be calm, down-to-earth, steady and pursuing for constant improvements;
                                     Be active, motivated, bold, responsible, dedicated to work and diligent;  
                                     Be prudent, effective and devoted for creation of excellence.

Introduction to the President

      As an entrepreneur, Mr. Du Jingang takes heavy responsibilities with the pioneer’s persistence, the reformer’s wisdom and the modern entrepreneur’s courage and insight. As a faithful and refined man, he advances with the times, and also has rich modern enterprise management experience; as an advanced craft and an engineer, he has superb art techniques and wide knowledge of architecture, aesthetics, and traditional Chinese culture; he also has a unique and deep understanding and comprehension of the western art. Du Jingang currently serves as the director and the deputy president of the Private Individual Economic Association, the Standing Member of CPPCC of Chongqing Tongliang, the deputy president of Tongliang Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the deputy president of the Chamber of Commerce, and the president of Tongliang District Artists Association.

       On October 22, 2010, the “National Calligraphy and Painting Contest & Famous Works Invitation Exhibition in Celebration of the 115th Birthday of Xu Beihong” was grandly held. In the exhibition hall displayed over 200 fine works from across the country for competition and exhibition, among which quite a few were masterpieces of great artists, and the Ode to the Yellow River, created by the Chairman Du Jingang, was granted the silver medal.
Du Jingang was born in Tongliang District, Chongqing, a culture-honored birthplace for China Dragon. He is an advanced artist and senior engineer, who has been fond of art and good at painting, calligraphy, construction, decoration, environmental art and applied art design since childhood. His profound cultural accumulation and unique life experience have made him a successful art-related private entrepreneur in the business circle.
      Because of his artistic talent or the arrangement of destiny, Mr. Du has been associated with art since childhood. Since his youth, he has been fully devoted to art. In 1980s when reform and opening up were still at the initial stage, he began his venture by using CNY 4,000 raised to establish a private enterprise of art and craft (one of the two earliest private enterprises in Tongliang). He felt that to expand and strengthen his business centering on artistic design and production, he needed a solid artistic foundation and that his attainments in art were still far from enough. Therefore, he has been learning while getting involved in his business since the very beginning. In addition to learning from local art masters, he also took Chinese painting course in China Calligraphy and Painting Correspondence University, and then followed Professor Lei Jiutai, a famous Chinese landscaping painter in Southwest University, to learn Chinese landscaping painting systematically. Currently, he is the last disciple of Fang Fengfu, a painter well-known at home and abroad and “the first Chinese grape painter ”, and a member of the China Chongqing “Jialing Painting Academy”. Meanwhile, he is also the Chairman of Tongliang Artists Association.
      For art, he never yields before hardships. He has had his footprint present along the Yangtze River, Wujiang River, Jialing River, Emei Mountain and Hukou Falls of the Yellow River since his youth. In order to make improvements in practicing clerical script calligraphy from Ode to Shimen, he traversed mountains to pay a field visit to Qinling, Hanzhong and Shimen for observation, experience, survey and learning. His persistence has contributed to his works as well as his unique style derived from outside attainment and learning from the nature. Furthermore, he also paid visits to Europe and feasted his eyes with great works in world-famous art galleries. When arriving at a new place, he would appreciate peacefully and be lost in mediation, enjoying the most profound artistic essence in the world. To absorb essence from different schools, he has attended some important exhibitions at home and abroad and visited some famous painters and well-known artists for learning. After busy work, he would draw, paint or sketch the nature to improve his drawing skills and summarize the rare and unique “blank leaving painting method” of landscape painting, especially the “conventional cloud and water wet drawing method”, which has reflected  his unique style and distinctive artistic characteristics.
    “No pains, no gains”. With continuing efforts, he has finally realized his young-cherished dream, entered the palace of Chinese painting art and became a well-known artist in Southwest China. As an old saying goes, “vitality comes from the heart and the brush makes the best expressions”, Du Jingang has injected much vividness and energy into his paintings of mountains, rivers, birds and beasts. From small-sized sketches to long scrolls, realist painting plus free sketch or totally free style painting, his works have revealed the painter’s exceptional painting skills and original artistic taste. As his representative works, the splashing color of landscape painting speaks volume for his generosity, business boldness and his artistic aspiration for unique style and profoundness. His works such as Ode to the Yellow River, Hopeful Dragon, Dragon’s Groan, Pure Cloud of Wushan Mountain, Dustless Bayue after Raining, Fruit Fragrance, Mountain Spring of the Town, Late Autumn in Wushan Mountain and Ning River, Eternal Masterpiece in Jialing, etc., borrow merits from others, display a good artistic foundation, boast self-created style and seek originality through variation. As he often says, a good painting must be full of the spirit of the nature, reflect harmony among the heaven, the earth and mankind and embody aesthetic value in nature, paintings, appearance, image and art. A good work also needs to boast attractiveness in painting, taste, style, image and elegance, and fully display the magnificence and magnificence of the saying - “Landscape wonders are found in Sichuan”, the charm of time, history, greatness and nature. In addition, the Ode to the Yellow River was granted the silver medal of the “2010 National Calligraphy and Painting Contest& Famous Works Invitation Exhibition in Celebration of the 115th Birthday of Xu Beihong”; his works- Hopeful Dragon was selected by the Fifth Chongqing Art Exhibition and the Exhibition of Submitted Chongqing Works for the Twelfth National Art Exhibition; his works-Dustless Bayue after Raining was awarded the excellent art award in the “calligraphy and painting exhibition of Chongqing private enterprise” activity.
      Du Jingang is currently positioned as a member and the Vice Chairman of Chongqing Association of Private Individual Economy, a member of Tongliang CPPCC Standing Committee, the Vice Chairman of Tongliang Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Vice Chairman of Tongliang Chamber of Commerce and the Chairman of Tongliang Artists Association. In 2006, he was awarded the honorary title of a “Courteous Citizen”. In August 2006, he was praised by the People’s Government as an “Exemplary Individual in Donation for Education”. In September 2007, he was awarded the “Nomination Award of Moral Model”; in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011, he was awarded the title of an “Excellent Constructor of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”.



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