Successful and Brilliant Conclusion of the 6th Tongliang Lotus Culture Tourism Festival and the 1st Color Run Competition in 2017


    Who says that Tongliang people treat everything coolly? While participating in the Color Run, they were even shocked by their own madness!

    On the morning of June 17, the 6th Tongliang Lotus Culture Tourism Festival and the 1st Color Run Competition in 2017 started in Ailian Lake Wetland Park. It was known as the craziest, the happiest, and the most fashionable and passionate group running activity. It was so charming that the sun “disappearing” for several days appeared again. 1,500 participants heartily ran together to enjoy the happiness brought by sports. Under the nearly crazy and fierce color bombing, their enthusiasm ran high, and the group of “normal” people was thoroughly crazy!

    All participants regardless of age and sex wore white T-shirt, and smeared colorful powder on their faces and arms. Many of them were exaggeratedly dressed up. With enthusiastic and passionate cheering and shouting of the host and cheerleaders, color run teams rushed into the track against a gunshot. When they passed by the color run stations halfway, the “hiding” colorful powder pitchers fiercely threw colorful power at the runners, and made them “colorful”. During the run, screaming and laughter among the people rose one after another, accompanied by the beautiful scenery of lotuses in the wetland park. Brilliant colors spread all over the wetland park. The activity ended with a climax. People started to “fight against each other” and sneakily attacked others with colorful powder. People, familiar or unfamiliar, were all colored, and the whole scene was extremely carnival-like, with colorful powder spreading everywhere, and people extremely fervid!

    During the two months’ planning to implemention, this activity gained great support from the CPC Tongliang District Committee, relevant departments of Tongliang People’s government, the People’s Government of Tuqiao Town, the Public Security Department of Tongliang District, and relevant owners in Lotus Park. As the planner and organizer of this activity, our company had made full preparation at the preliminary stage for this activity, with thorough consideration and thoughtful arrangement for the plan determination, online and offline publicity and promotion, contact with sponsors, route planning, material design and production, personnel division and arrangement, on-site security, logistical support, among others. All these were embodiments of Ziyuan people’s craftsman spirit in keeping improvement as well as their considerate humanistic care, and severed as a security for smooth, successful and brilliant implementation of the color run activity. 



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