Successful Conclusion of Ziyuan Group’s Annual Work Summary and Employee Commendation Meeting in 2016


    On January 25, 2017, Ziyuan Group held its annual Work Summary and Employee Commendation Meeting at Tongliang Longxuan Hotel. It was presided over by Mr. Du Jinqiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group Company, and participated in by leaders at all levels of the Group Company and all employees.

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    Mr. Du Jingang, Chairman of the Group, delivered the 2016 Annual Work Summary Report of the Group at the very beginning, in which he affirmed the achievements made by the company this year. Chairman Du said that under the general background of varied difficulties such as the national economic macroscopic readjustment and the economic downturn, all fellow workers made unremitting efforts and were united as one in work, as the Group Company timely adjusted its development strategy layout, so that the company could consolidate step by step, stride forward steadily to fulfill departmental objectives and tasks, and make the achievements. Particularly, the Recreation and Tourism Estate Development Project – Jeju Ocean Hill as invested in by the company in Jeju, South Korea has been fully launched and got under way, which laid a foundation for the development of the company in 2017.

Chairman Du Jingang was delivering the 2016 Annual Work Summary Report of the Group

    While summarizing the achievements, he also pointed out several deficiencies existing in the group in 2016 in the report. For instance, lack of strategy and regulatory thinking while responding to the market; poor management ability and executive ability of some employees, and lack of the consciousness of self-study and the learning atmosphere; failure of functional departments to establish their rules and regulations based on the production of the company; and lack of team building vitality. Aiming at the above-mentioned deficiencies and shortcomings, Mr. Du also made a comprehensive and deep summarization and analysis, and put forward requirements and prospects for work of all departments and all employees in 2017. Mr. Du expected that everyone can seize the opportunity, face the difficulty, be brave to take challenges and make breakthroughs, and make every effort to satisfy all work performance indicators and targets assigned by the company for next year. In the end, Mr. Du expressed his sincere wishes and gratitude to all staff members and their families.

Mr. Du Jinqiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group, was giving a summary speech for this meeting.

Tang Shuanghong, Deputy General Manager of the Group, was announcing the assessment results and awards.

    The meeting ended with a grand awarding ceremony for excellent employees. Tang Shuanghong, Deputy General Manager of the Group, made an Announcement on Assessment Results and Awards of Ziyuan Group in 2016. Group leaders presented the awards to the excellent employees of 2016 who had made great contributions and set good examples in their work. In the end, acceptance speeches were made respectively by Song Longxi, the representative of “Excellent Employees” and Du Jinwang, “Excellent CPC member”.

Du Jinwei, Deputy General Manager of the Group, presented the “Excellent Internal Magazine Award” to the winners.

Du Jinqiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group, presented the award of “Property Management Star” to the winners.

Xu Jianchuan, Secretary of the CPC Ziyuan Group Branch, presented the award of “Excellent Communist Party Member” to the winner.

Du Jingang, Chairman of the Group, and Tang Shuanghong, Deputy General Manager of the Group, presented awards to excellent employees for service.

Mr. Du Jinwang, the “Excellent CPC Member”, was making an acceptance speech

Song Longxi, representative of excellent employees, was giving an acceptance speech.

    In the end, Mr. Du Jinqiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group, delivered a summary speech for this meeting, in which he affirmed the achievements made by all employees and expected them to be practical and realistic, correctly summarize and understand themselves, push and enhance themselves, work up to their abilities, and exert the utmost efforts to fulfill jobs and tasks assigned by the company this year and accomplish the operation and development goals of the group company in 2017.

    At the beginning of a new year, everything takes on a completely new look. In 2017, Ziyuan Group will make adjustments for the new journey, accumulate strength and forge ahead with determination, so as to create more glory for the enterprise as well as the industry.



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